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How To Redesigning Your Tiny House

Redesigning Your Tiny House | DIY On Tiny House - Houses with a limited area does not mean will make you feel limited in terms of design. With careful design, your tiny dwelling will not lose its function. Designing a tiny house is not an easy case. However, this does not mean impossible. A house with a minimalist design might be one solution for your tiny house.

How To Redesigning Your Tiny House
Through this model, people in urban areas can have a practical occupancy, with a variety of functions in it. Living in the box, maybe it's appropriate title for minimalist lovers. The tiny house is usually limited to basic functions of the house. But that is past. Now in a tiny house, residents can still perform various activities with ease.

DIY On Tiny House

Your tiny house is not necessarily on rigid, stuffy and cramped. You now should be able to get around the cramped space to meet all the requirements of the family. There are many ways you can do to organize a limited space. For example, by manipulating the color of the walls with bright colors. In addition, use furniture that is not massive and impressed simple and make the canal space without the massive impression.

If your residential have a tiny size, it would be a good ideas to choose a bright color. Without you knowing it, sometimes bright colors can give the effect of its own, let the space look clean and more spacious. But, you also must consider the emphasis to apply the light colors on the right corner of the room. Side of public rooms that are functionally used for something that is general in nature, such as living room and family room, you can give it a touch of green or some other color touches. The selection of bright colors for your tiny houses will create intimacy and warmth.

One more trick in a tiny room to get around, you can leave some open space by applying the difference in height as a floor or ceiling limit. Currently, residential interior design must always correspond with the growing trend.

Besides taking into consideration the personal tastes of its occupants, the interior should also refer to the need. Tiny room is never separated from the room of a general nature.

The public space is usually the room with the activity and certain routine use. Users of the room would be fixed or according to their duties and functions so that necessary facilities will be standard, both size and shape.

You can imagine if the house is treated the same way, as we treat the space of a general nature. All the walls were painted the same color as the color white, all furniture made of metal or plastic for easy cleaning, weather-resistant, heat resistant, and not easily damaged.

To display wall in your tiny house, you should choose use an open wall layout design. It means, there is a wall that must be opened to make it look more widely, for example a kitchen with dining room are made together.

Lighting For Your Tiny House

One more thing that should not be forgotten to make your tiny house more alive, the lighting factor. Use yellow and white for your lights, white light from fluorescent lamps for example, more giving the impression of cold, formal, and not natural. While the yellow color will give the impression of warm, fresh, natural, and romantic. Bright lighting, such as white can be applied to the living room and other common spaces, while for the lighting in the bedroom could use a light yellow.

If you have a tiny house, you should choose a calm and simple furniture. The selected furniture was recommended to choose is the colors that are nearly have same color with the walls so it does not seem heavy and narrow. Should avoid dark colors because it will seem more narrow. Natural elements such as trees and flowers, can be added to give freshness to the room.

Maybe that idea can give you best design on your tiny house, DIY on tiny house.


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