Make Home: Get Wallpaper | Wallpaper For Wall | Beautify The Walls with Wallpaper

Beautify The Walls with Wallpaper

Make Home: Get Wallpaper | Wallpaper For Wall | Beautify The Walls with Wallpaper - Wallpaper is often chosen as a the supporting for room design. However, its use should be considered in order to keep the support of the interior concept.

Section of the wall in the house should not be miss up from the attention to beautify a room. Walls are usually only coated with a colored paint, has another way that still makes the wall to be unity in harmony with the surrounding area.

What the Wallpaper is?

Although the paint is still the main choice for coating walls, wallpaper or wallcoverings as interior elements are also able to create beauty with a variety of motifs and colors to choose from. Literally, the wallpaper is wallpaper. For more details, paste paper that covered the walls as object as the paint substitution.

Therefore, the wallpaper in a room does not have a special function. Just be a decoration, nothing more, Wallpaper used to beautify a room.

Wallpaper as an interior element of course has its own advantages. The diverse color and pattern offers a variety of options that can make the room more beautiful so that is not monotonous. On the wall surface that is not neat (a bit bumpy), the wallpaper can cover up this lack. In addition, a space that is affixed to the wallpaper showing the identity of the room.

Dealing with Wallpaper

However, this wallpaper is not created for the long term. Although technology makes the wallpaper has a longer durability, it still has not replace the "strength" of paint. In addition, the walls which are painted more easily cleaned or repainted in certain situations, while the wallpaper should be replaced all or in a section that is large enough.

Although wallpaper can brighten the atmosphere in a rooms, not all suitable room is fitted with interior elements. Bedroom and living room are two rooms that are very appropriate to get installed the wallpaper. Be careful with the walls associated with the outer side and a bathroom wall because the humidity can make wallpaper becomes weak and wavy. So are you ready for design your home with the right wallpaper?

Make Home: Small House Furniture | Beautiful Furniture for Small Houses

Beautiful Furniture for Small Houses

Make Home: Small House Furniture |  Beautiful Furniture for Small Houses - Limited space makes housing is built in harmony with the conditions of the available space. A small house also be a practical solution. However, in laying out a small house is needed in-depth knowledge that can be applied. One of the things that have to do is smart to choose furniture.

To be selected furniture fit with the conditions of your space, so be extra careful in your selection. Because of choosing furniture for small homes will cause the appearance to seem less, thus adding to the impression stuffy room.

Small House Furniture

When choosing furniture is the most critical stage in laying out a small house. Sometimes people can not be so simply when buy the furniture they want, because often the shape, scale, and size does not fit in the space at home. So take a few steps to consider in choosing furniture.

The small house is suitable for all kinds of styles, ranging from the classic that can be set up using the forms is not a full classics, to minimalist style with simple designs. By adjusting the conditions of the available land, a tiny dwelling arrangement should be harmonized between the furniture that is used with the arrangement in space so you will have width space on your small house.

In restructuring the interior of a small house, better selection of furniture ranging from the scale to the size should be as precise as possible. One thing is for sure that the fixed scale is adjusted, more simple, and in a smaller size than usual standard.

With limited area, a tiny occupancy can still perform optimally, by combining space functions into one. In addition, in order to seemed more leverage, spatial planning should be made without a separator that would enhance the narrow on your space.

In addition to arranging the interior on your small house clearly, another step that is not less important is choosing the right supporting elements for other room. To make a small house seemed more spacious do not ever use the chandelier, but you should still complete with indirect lighting, such as downlights.

Last about Small House design

At the final touch, choose a built-in furniture designed and made ​​specifically in accordance with the needs and size of the room, use furniture equipped with storage areas to maximize every inch of space.

And then you must select a multi-purpose furniture bed sofa or futon to placed in the living room that also serves as the family room. With a sofa bed in this area can be transformed into a temporary guest bedroom. The bottom of the bed can also double as storage. Foot stool sofa can also double as a seat back, when you have guests. Such as a great idea to make sweet small house.

Make Home: Dealing Your Kitchen Set | How To Sets The Kitchen Set

Tip For Sets Your Kitchen Set

Make Home: Dealing Your Kitchen Set | How To Sets The Kitchen Set - Kitchen set is a critical element of the dwelling. However, you must be careful in designing and placing position. How to make a deal with your kitchen set?

In making the kitchen set, which must be considered first is the availability of space and level of needs of the occupants of the house. What is the capacity of space to makes it possible for realizing the desired kitchen set or not.

There are residents who want the facility in the kitchen set is complete. Placement of oven, microwave, refrigerator, and stove into one place. However, there are also more like the placement of the stove with a separate closet.

The kitchen set placement also need to be considered. Does this kitchen set will be placed in the clean kitchen (dry) or a dirty kitchen (wet). When placed in the wet kitchen, the bottom of your kitchen sets needs the foot to be made ​​of waterproof material, eg aluminum. Or you can get the kitchen sets with lined waterproof material on its bottom.

Kitchen set more appropriate to be placed in a corner room which we can maximize it. Thus, a kitchen space which is small in space it would seem large.

When create a kitchen set is a good idea to ask the poster of the household kitchen appliances to think about our kitchen stuff that already has, eg refrigerator, stove, oven, or microwave. So it would be optimal.

Kitchen set it self ​​should be adjusted to the conditions of the household. In that sense, the height of a kitchen set is not to make any difficulties for the residents to use it. So how about your kitchen sets plan?


Make Good Looking Home: Maple Forest House | Unique Home Design

A Unique "Maple Forest House"
Make Good Looking Home: Maple Forest House | Unique Home Design - Inspiration from American occupant is quite unique. For those of you who want home sweet home for your vacation, the design of Maple Forest House could be an alternative.

Building a home not only reflect the taste and prestige of the owner. The location of a house also determine the design and materials used. Houses made ​​of wood materials or maple forest house can be an alternative choice for a natural vacation home.

Usually, if a house is built of materials that never touched by human material, such as wood, it capable of giving a warm atmosphere for the residents.

This maple forest house often found in small forest areas in the United States as a vacation home with a unique exterior. The specialty of this wooden house many displays details on the timber. Most of the maple forest house materials are derived from wood.

From the outside, this house has a sloping roof and pointed upward. On the roof of this house there is a unique curve on the top of the roof window above the entrance. With walls that are all derived from the wood side, automatically color the house is dominated by the brown type.

When entering the maple forest house, you must first pass through the porch that is similar to the ship deck. This deck intentionally constructed slightly higher than ground level.

Maple Forest House is take advantage of the forest area as the location of the house. The windows installed in many places by pointing to the four cardinal points. The wide window allows you to get direct sunlight. In addition to ventilation, residents can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the house every day.

Like other houses in general, this house divided into several rooms. What is special about this room is a walled fireplace stones. In areas with cold temperatures, this fireplace can be installed to give a warm the room.

Living room, kitchen and dining room not separated by walls or insulation of the room. It to provide an atmosphere of relief in the home. The kitchen design can be given space in one corner near the window. So you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast and the fresh morning sun.


Make Home | How To Create Resort Garden | Resort Garden Concept

Make Home | How To Create Resort Garden | Resort Garden Concept

Park has always been the most interesting element to be set according to our imagination. Even though we want to create it with resort concept.

Vacations are often the main objective those who want to relieve fatigue from routine work, and one location is the beach. But, if we should go there will be plenty of time, cost, and energy are wasted.

To minimize this, why not try to use the land at home? You can create the holiday atmosphere is like staying at beach resorts. You do this by utilizing the park in front of or behind the house.

The concept of the resort is actually identical with the atmosphere of the beach. For that, to created this concept, there are several elements that must be considered by homeowners. Among other elements of water, plants, sculpture, and the holder.

The element of water does not mean to beach water. You can choose an alternative water element that may be applicable in various forms. Examples such as swimming pools, fish ponds, water curtain, or a waterfall.

If you want to create a swimming pool, most likely you can apply in the rear garden. That if your space is quite broad. But, for the front garden, you should make a fish pond or artificial waterfall. The important thing is element of the water can still be created.

Regarding the arrangement of the gardens, parks are usually designed as natural as possible. You should put the plants at random in order to create a natural impression. Select plants that have character for making shady and it should easy to care, such as coconut palms.

In addition, the resort usually identical also with a bright and pleasant atmosphere. You can create a bright atmosphere by planting colorful flowers such as red, yellow, and orange.

Plants whose have leaves with good colors it have function to accent the garden, then mixed with palm plants, such as ivory palm or coconut.

To support the atmosphere of the park, which is artificially supporting elements such as statues and lamps to be the unity that made the order of the park became more slick. Regarding this position, all depend on the condition of the park. The main is selecting the area with the right composition.

A resorts also applying the concept of sitting area for chatting. For that reason, the choice of the exact position when putting the seat becomes an important concern in designing the park. You can simply by providing a minimal lawn chairs in the garden. Minimum one to two lawn chairs following by umbrella shade.