Find Love With Right Feng Shui

find love with feng shui
Find Love With Right Feng Shui

Feng Shui, in which changes location as well as the addition of simple elements able to attract the energy of love, prosperity, longevity and happiness. Although there are still many doubts, but this makes sense. For example, we feel better when in a bright room.

If you are interested in using feng shui to attract love into your life, there are variations depending on how the layout of your house faces, the shape of the house, and depending on the birth of your element.
Here are some of the withdrawal of energy into your bedroom, so filled with love and attention.

Give more space

Wardrobe and objects your memories of past relationships are messy, able to emit negative energy. You must give the bedroom more space for yourself and others who will join you. Put at least 2 pillows, 2 bedside tables and make sure under the bed does not have anything for energy to flow perfectly.

At bedtime, consider the direction of the head and face

In feng shui is very important to facing a certain direction when you sleep for interesting aspects of love. Make sure your head up to face the same direction. Also make sure the foot does not directly deal with the door.

Sleep better

In feng shui, a good sleep of your bed indicates that a strong, stable, and entirely yours. This means also should not reuse the same bed, which you use together with a previous relationship. If you can not sleep well, buy a new bed sheet, buy headboard stronger, and make sure the bed has an appropriate weight.

Eliminate or move the barrier energy

Many objects are capable of inhibiting energy into your bedroom, for example, a large mirror, objects are not useful under the bed, plant, dark colors, painting a picture of someone who is alone, televisions, and computers. You must move the object to attract the energy of love. Remember that the bedroom is an essential location to sleep, make love and get dressed. So, try to remove objects that are less used.

Reduce Heat With Your Park

reduce heat with garden
Reduce Heat With Your Park
Park is an area that contains the components of hard and soft materials that support each other. Park deliberately planned and created by humans as conditioning zones inside and outside the room. Well, one of the factors triggering the air current, namely by bringing the garden at home.

Parks can be used as a tool to neutralize the air in the house so that air inside homes more healthy and cool.

In addition to opening, the park's role in the home are also able to reduce the amount of heat that comes into the room. Therefore, the garden can reduce the heat to five degrees Celsius in the daytime. Aspects such as these that must be considered.
So, before the sun's heat directly touch the building, you should desist with anything that could reduce the solar heat.

Types of plants that can you apply also varies. Able to apply an indoor plant or an indoor garden, live how you choose how their application. Want to put a potted plant or other plants are planted directly into soil? The main point to note is, whether plants absorb pollutants and environmentally friendly or not?

Therefore, the choice of appropriate tree or plant is one of the factors triggering the house can call that a healthy and environmentally friendly. Plant is environmentally friendly that can be the lungs for the occupants of the house. Plants are able to absorb quite a lot of air pollution.

There are several things to consider to design an environmentally friendly garden. Among other broad-leaf plant, the trees were used for reducing the evaporation of water into the air. Put the trees in some parts of the house combined with the design of the park.

Second, the park should be fused with the homeless lifestyle. That is, the park that you create must not "harm" you and your family. Like not using thorny bushes, the area should be larger, and do not plant trees that the branches easily broken and pulled out the sap.

Third, the protective barrier and is one of the elements to create an environmentally friendly garden. If you have a house facing west, then place it that can protect the occupants of the house follows the sun during the day.