How To Harmonizing Your Dwelling With Color


Harmonizing Color in Your Home Sweet Home

Colors are applied in your home can be a 'power' to influence the psychology of its inhabitants. One of them when applied in the study room, could embolden its own. Color can give the building its own power. Color also can affect your mood as residents. Therefore, do not choose any color carelesly.

Color is believed to have "power" to influence a person's psychological condition. The color red, for example, can encourage residents to be more excited to start the day. Or green color that have the effect of cool, or orange which can increase appetite. In general, the selection of the true colors are always influenced by the development of architecture and interior design, as well as situations and land contours.

How to apply nice color

Only, to apply, all depending on space requirements and the impression you want created. Impression of a building depends on the color elements are used. It can even predict, in the future iridescence on the building will increasingly daring and exciting.

The element of color in the future could be more dynamic and more taking the natural feel, so add a natural feel of your home interior. Dynamic theme is the key word. Nearly all colors can actually follow the element, depending on its intensity. However, the trend leading to the use of yellow, orange, or silver.

In addition, the application of the colors are loud and strong impression is also still possible. Although still favored, but the elements of harmonization will remain a major consideration so bright and soft colors can not simply be abandoned. Color began to experience growth in the era of the 1940s. In those days, color trends have not been get any progress and the development are still running 10 years.

Color development

However, gradually the color trends are increasingly getting a pretty good appreciation on society. Began the era of the 1980s, the trend of color increasingly fast-paced with color-intensity change to five years. Especially in the present, could conceivably the color change is getting faster, that is, two years or so, even every year.

The increasingly dynamic changes in color trends, among others, influenced by developments in technology, interior design advances in foreign countries, and lifestyles of the present generation. Current color trends change very quickly, because the current generation is the generation that easily bored and like intense things.

The question now is, why is it so important color element in a dwelling? No other because the color is very influential effect on the psychology of the occupants, considering the house is something personal. And interior design of each home depending on the needs, character, and lifestyles of their owners. Color selection also follow this "faith".

It is undeniable, taste and flavor of each person are not the same. And the colors were chosen more or less to be able to reflect the person's personal. Age of the household can also influence on the choice of colors on his residence. Now there is a tendency that each family member can define its own color, and is independent of parental choice.

Child's bedroom can be used as an example because of the color selection process, parents are certainly going to consider the wishes of children. The appropriate development trends, colors on a house is not necessarily the same. It could be from one room to another room is used two or three different colors. We may use two colors in a room that is not too big so that makes it seem spacious.

Color choices in the future building also increasingly free, including combining the colors of the trend. Similarly, concerning harmony with the interior. The existence of the right color can actually give a plus to the completeness of the room.

As for the more conservative color and not a bold color, then you can choose some variation of light and dark in color. For example choose a dark green and light green. The color type is called a monochromatic color.

For example, the room contains the classic elements can be combined with colors that are 'in or be trends' so it can appear more up to date.

While in terms of ease of care, the day the color of interest will be more bright. People would prefer to care for a bright room than a dark color. Impressively bright colors of a house will show more clean and well groomed.