Make Home | How To Create Resort Garden | Resort Garden Concept

Make Home | How To Create Resort Garden | Resort Garden Concept

Park has always been the most interesting element to be set according to our imagination. Even though we want to create it with resort concept.

Vacations are often the main objective those who want to relieve fatigue from routine work, and one location is the beach. But, if we should go there will be plenty of time, cost, and energy are wasted.

To minimize this, why not try to use the land at home? You can create the holiday atmosphere is like staying at beach resorts. You do this by utilizing the park in front of or behind the house.

The concept of the resort is actually identical with the atmosphere of the beach. For that, to created this concept, there are several elements that must be considered by homeowners. Among other elements of water, plants, sculpture, and the holder.

The element of water does not mean to beach water. You can choose an alternative water element that may be applicable in various forms. Examples such as swimming pools, fish ponds, water curtain, or a waterfall.

If you want to create a swimming pool, most likely you can apply in the rear garden. That if your space is quite broad. But, for the front garden, you should make a fish pond or artificial waterfall. The important thing is element of the water can still be created.

Regarding the arrangement of the gardens, parks are usually designed as natural as possible. You should put the plants at random in order to create a natural impression. Select plants that have character for making shady and it should easy to care, such as coconut palms.

In addition, the resort usually identical also with a bright and pleasant atmosphere. You can create a bright atmosphere by planting colorful flowers such as red, yellow, and orange.

Plants whose have leaves with good colors it have function to accent the garden, then mixed with palm plants, such as ivory palm or coconut.

To support the atmosphere of the park, which is artificially supporting elements such as statues and lamps to be the unity that made the order of the park became more slick. Regarding this position, all depend on the condition of the park. The main is selecting the area with the right composition.

A resorts also applying the concept of sitting area for chatting. For that reason, the choice of the exact position when putting the seat becomes an important concern in designing the park. You can simply by providing a minimal lawn chairs in the garden. Minimum one to two lawn chairs following by umbrella shade.


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