How Mirror Can Change Your Shelter

How Mirror Can Change Your Shelter

The mirror is an object made of glass that bounces, flat surface on the reflectivity is usually made of glass. Its that bounce due to the back of the glass coated with a thin shiny metal so opaque.Mirror can be an uniquely accessory which enhance your home. Mirror function is divided into two, as the needs and decorative elements. Mirror-called accessory if used as an accent in certain areas only.While the mirror as needed you can find it on how it manipulate a room especially the narrow one. Making a broad impression on the chamber by using themirror it would need excellent method so that the application can be realized optimally.
So how to make it work for you, the first is about the placement. A proper placement of the mirror is usually on the side wall that is still some distance to the furniture.

The second is about the type of mirror. Type of mirror should be suitable to manipulate your room for being huge and large it should need the large mirror too. Because, it can form a space to be doubled from the previous.

In addition, note also the position of the mirror. Basically, the mirror can be applied to any position. The best position on the mirror is  follow the room. There are two positions to place a huge mirror, it vertical and horizontal. Vertical position to get the impression of an area to be more pronounced. Another way, using a mirror mounted on the wall intact with no connection so the room becomes more spacious.

If you want to apply a horizontal position, the mirror can be applied as furniture such as sample design bed or cupboard. Mirrors can also be applied as a replacement bulkhead or wall it can generally be found in the concept of  minimalist house.


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