Art Deco Concept Home Design

Art Deco Concept Home Design 

The use of art deco as home design become more lively, there is nothing incorrect if you try to apply this design style into the house. Art deco is a style of architecture that developed around the year 1920-1930. This style is very concerned about detailed ornamentation of the building.The main attraction of this design style lies in the use of decorative elements that are very diverse from around the world. This decorative element is obtained from various cultures such as Aztec, Egyptian, African, and other cultures from around the world as a decorative element adaptation. Evidently, the concept of art deco style building is mostly used for public buildings and residential units.

Art deco design is quite fascinating because a lot of cultural background influenced the style of an eclectic blend of themes. For materials, art deco style buildings use a lot of commonly used materials, especially brick wall with the ornamentation of concrete and cement. The colors of paint are applied to the typical building style is usually in the form of neutral colors and the original color of materials such as rocks, wood, and iron.

You who want to integrate with other design concept, you should consider its suitability. Although the art deco building which is rich in decorative elements, not necessarily can be easily combined with other styles. Even if you can, perhaps more appropriate tropical architecture concepts such as pergola and especially strengthen the artificial lighting decor. The rest, you can combine it also with a stylish design that is still associated with this concept, such as Moroccan-style residential concept.


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