How About the Oriental

Theme interior space is increasingly diverse. One theme that is still up to date and happy to be used by many people because these styles are timeless is the Oriental style. Not just the interior of houses, office, and even commercials spaced such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, and so on. Oriental style is inherited from the Eastern culture that developed covering an area of China, Japan, Korea, to Vietnam, Thailand, to Persia. Culture in the heyday of the Empire at the Palace of China and Japan brought a strong impact and the cultural roots of community life. This culture continued to grow and develop in society in various forms including architectural aspects of buildings.
Oriental concepts in buildings usually appear in the form of a physical building, exterior and interior. Such as roof form, space layout, building form or elements of the building walls, the gate and entrance, to the various types of furniture and accent, ornament space. In the style of today's modern homes, this oriental concept experienced remarkable evolution. Wealth forms continue to be explored by the designers to make an impression oriental easily applied to the kinds of modern buildings. Form gate or gate and walls of processing elements in the room and building are one example of a direct physical looks from the outside. While election accent or key ornaments and furniture in the interior will facilitate the creation of an oriental style in your room.
For example in Japanese style interiors, the use of interior decoration materials and furniture from wood. Oriental style tends thick with natural color. Natural elements such as wood, natural stone, bamboo, and painting the walls of the paper more often used. Another popular element in the Oriental style interior is the alphabet known as China or Conji (Kanji), which is usually written into China calligraphy on a sheet of paper displayed on the wall and into the accent or ornament on the space key. The touch of oriental style is also reflected in the selection of red, gold, black, and white for the theme of space. Some Oriental items that can be used to decorate the house such as bamboo, it can be a symbol of religious, ethnic ornaments and wall hangings picture and painting of a dragon or lotus flower.
For the small house that still want to use the concept of oriental but also not leave the concept of green house, try to organize a small dry patch of garden in the house. Because of the inner garden concept is already on the layout of the Japanese house in the past. Elements for the inner garden, with or without the element of water is a natural stone both large and small size, sand, gravel, bamboo or other plant space efficient, and where the light from the stone. Additional lighting inner garden will beautify your home.


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